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Discover Larra: its territory, , its history, its patrimony, its soil, its specialities gastronomical : honey, chocolate, duck fatty, poultries, sheep, bovines, its landscapes, its associations of leisures, sport, culture, its schools nursery schools and elementary, its town hall, its craftsmen, its inhabitants.
Larra, a land in valley of Save...

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This site will enable you to discover a village located in France, more particularly in the department of Haute-Garonne, near Toulouse.
To discover this village with his charming name, it will be necessary to go to Haute-Garonne (France). More precisely in the North of Toulouse, the confluence of Save and the Garonne, not far from Grenade-sur-Garonne, chief town of canton.
Bordered by the Communes of Grenade-on-Garonne, Merville, Montaigut-on-Save, Saint-Paul-on-Save, Thil, Bretx and Launac, its territory current extends on a surface from 1600 hectares. Essentially, the village is located on left bank of Save, on the western side as well as the plate which dominates the small valley. Some streams with the picturesque names cross this extent to go to flow in Save. Drained during the summer, those however take again heat during the spring season, coming to enlarge the course of Save which overflows periodically since millenia, bringing in this valley of many fertile alluvia (one can quote the streams of Larivière, Foisseu, Rouverot, Engasc, Pouzas, Rofras, Maytêtes, Rieutort and Merdans). Thus, Save, principal river, arrival of the plate of Lannemezan to the foot of the Pyrenées, after a race of 120 kilometers, will come in its turn to enlarge the Garonne, after having curved with the length of these Larrassiennes grounds, bringing its wealths in silts and water for agriculture. Three bridges on Save make it possible to rejoin Toulouse: that of Grenade-on-Garonne, Larra and finally that of Montaigut-sur-Save. But this river will not be always an obstacle for the communications. On the contrary it invites to follow its course to join in the South the Pyrenean mountains which one sometimes sees in clear weather. If not, it will carry out towards the Garonne showing the way of the Ocean, from where it will return in the form of rain when the wind of southerly wind loses its force. .

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